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Drums, please!! 

The team of creative, fun, and downright good people at Mr. White Creative just got even better. Ben Dawes has joined the team as MWC’s new COO. Ben brings along executive level expertise in strategic business planning, new business generation, project management, and many successes in bridging customer and operations teams. Throughout multiple industries, Ben has brilliantly and ethically led small and large teams while increasing new business and bettering business relationships. 

Sounds a bit silly to think our compact band of creatives now has a COO. But thanks to our amazing clients, we’ve experienced significant growth over the last couple years and it only makes sense to incorporate this role to help with all the operational tasks that come with running a small agency.

As the great Ron Burgundy once said “That escalated quickly.”

So what does this mean for our clients? Ben’s addition to the team frees Mike up from some of those not-so-creative businessy things and allows him to focus on what matters most  – guiding the creative team and building brands. It means clients will gain an additional point of contact and support. And it means we’ll have an extra hand to help manage our pipeline. Which equals a quicker turnaround on statements of work and estimates. He’ll also help keep projects and resourcing on schedule as well as evaluate, plus implement, new offerings for our clients. 

Rest assured, Mike will remain a direct point-of-contact. Just, now our clients will have an additional contact to help carry the torch!

We like Ben. And we think you will too. He’s never met a stranger and has a knack for picking the best restaurants AND the best wine. Making him the perfect guy to help foster our customer relationships. He’s not the average strategic manager and we’re super excited to have him on our side at Mr. White Creative!

Want to chat with Ben about a project? Or about wine and cool Alpharetta restaurants? Or all of the above? Grab 30 min here.



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