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A workspace has the potential to either stunt or inspire. Mr. White Creative has been housed at Thrive Alpharetta since 2021. A pretty swanky, yet affordable upgrade from Mike’s home office. As the creative team grew, Thrive flexed their options every step of the way and tossed in monthly networking events, awesome member lunches by Food Food ATL, and even free beer Fridays!

Now, let's see. Where do we start?

Location, location, location!

Not only can Mike hop on his scooter and zip downtown in true millennial fashion, fooling anyone that he’s actually over 40 but, the team can also pop over to any one of the downtown Alpharetta restaurants or breweries for a client lunch, quick happy hour, or to just take a break from our desks and stroll through the city’s friendly streets. 

Downtown Alpharetta has become a hotspot for some pretty great eats. There’s no need to leave this small city for the big city anymore. Thrive is located in the heart of Alpharetta and encircled by a myriad of tastes from burgers to ramen, fancy hotdogs to beachy yet suburban fare, and elevated southern soul food to tennis club chicken salads. And it’s all within walking distance unless you’re up for a tandem electric scooter ride. Just bring your own helmet.

Locally Owned

Thrive may feel like a small local business but its bandwidth is larger than you think. Thrive currently offers coworking and private office space in 5 different states BUT each location is locally owned and operated. Being a small, local business itself, Mr. White Creative wanted to support another small, local business. Soon, Thrive will be launching over 500 locations. A company growing at that rate must host a slightly better than awesome work environment. Wink. 

No to mention, Thrive hosts monthly networking events like happy hours, breakfasts and lunches that often feature locally owned businesses like traveling bartenders and restaurateurs. Thrive has crafted an environment that allows small business and remote professionals to feel connected and part of a creative work environment. 

The Space

The space at Thrive is super on brand for Mr. White Creative. It’s fun, simple, clean, and inspires creativity in a professional, yet social environment. It was even chill enough to host a pretty epic birthday party for our owner and all his closest friends. 

There are sleek conference rooms, front desk personnel, private offices, fast internet, snacks, COFFEE, and really really cool people. Any and all amenities you’d need or want are included. 

Thrive has been pretty great for Mr. White Creative and as our team grows, Thrive continues to meet our demands every time. Basically, we are super happy in the environment Thrive provides. Won’t you be our neighbor? 



About Mr. White Creative

Working with Mr. White Creative is like stepping into a gem of a micro-brewery. The only difference is, we aren’t brewers. That’s probably a good thing. The draw of a micro-brewery is the beer, the people, and purpose. Within the walls of our micro-agency, we offer really incredible creative products from a smaller package. We love what we do, work better and faster than most big agencies, and keep our clients happy, not broke. Your brand is our craft. Let us give it the love it deserves and you’ll be well on your way to creative glory.

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