Reinventing Boostr's digital presence with a Webflow makeover.

From initial concepts to the grand unveiling, we launched this Webflow project in just 8 weeks. It’s not our ideal timeline for a full-scale website build, but hey, when a cool SAAS client with a tight deadline gives us the nod, we're happy to jump in their corner.

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  • Web Design
Gridline Pitch Deck Design

Initial Content Strategy

Boostr, an advertising management platform tailored for digital ad sellers, initially operated within the constraints of a HubSpot-built website. Yep, you heard that right—HubSpot. While commendable as a marketing tool, it falls short when it comes to serving as an optimal or flexible platform for a dynamic .com showcasing platform details, educational content, and creatively designed interactive components.

So, our first move? Delving into the intricacies of Boostr's business and objectives. We meticulously assessed their existing content, paving the way for a strategic plan to organize it in a manner that best aligns with their goals. Think big picture—starting with a comprehensive sitemap and some laid-back, preliminary wireframes.

Detailed Wireframes

Armed with a solid plan, our next step involved elevating those wireframes to a whole new level of sophistication. We shifted gears from the rough sketches in Figjam to a more tangible rendition in Figma. Here, we fine-tuned details like interactions, content length, flow, and the functionality of our pillar page templates.

These polished wireframes played a crucial role as the bridge between conceptualization and the actual framework supporting our final template designs. Think of it as the blueprint for a house. Before we dive into the finishing touches—choosing colors, adding creative details, and furnishing the space—we need a clear understanding of the home's structure. It's all about setting a sturdy foundation before we bring in the design elements.

Gridline Pitch Deck Design

Final Design + Webflow Build

With a grasp of the entire site framework, this is where we rolled up our sleeves and put the brand guide into action. We started with layering on finely tuned design details, finding that sweet spot between vibrant color and clean whitespace. Our choice of images was deliberate, capturing the essence of the fast-paced movement inherent in the advertising world, where Boostr plays a not-so-insignificant role.

Next, we take extra care to translate these designs into a pixel-perfect, responsive build using Webflow. Throughout this process, we also ensured key sections of the site are effortlessly managed through CMS components -- While seamlessly integrate all form elements with their existing HubSpot database, ensuring a harmonious and efficient digital presence.

Screen Illustrations

One of our favorite finishing touches on the site, we've got a soft spot for the stylized screen illustrations. Sure, we could've gone with regular screenshots, but where's the fun in that? Sometimes, they reveal a little too much of what’s behind the curtain. Things like proprietary data or complex interactions. So, we opted for illustrations to keep things under wraps while adding a nice touch to the site's overall look and feel.

Gridline Pitch Deck Design
Gridline Logo Design Sketches
Gridline Logo Design Options
Gridline Logo Design

The Payoff

Witnessing the fruits of our labor is always exciting—both for our team and Boostr. On our end, securing two silver awards from The Davey Awards and W3. Simultaneously, Boostr has seen a substantial uptick in site engagement, an influx of newsletter sign-ups, and a surge in demo requests. All in all, the redesign of was a fun, but challenging, project for both teams, and the results couldn't have been better.

Wrapping up

We launched the new in early 2023 - and we continue to evolve the site with new features, sections and content. Check it out for yourself here.

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