Quarter Muffin

A recipe for sweet branding.

Hey, hey! Have you heard of Quarter Muffin? They're all about that paid social game, baby! And guess what? We teamed up with them to give their brand a tasty new look and feel. It was a wild ride, but we had a blast bringing their vision to life.

  • UX/UI Design
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
Gridline Pitch Deck Design

Initial Branding

When it came to developing a brand identity for Quarter Muffin, we wanted to create something unique and memorable that would resonate with their audience. That's why we designed a custom logo, type lockup and design system that incorporated playful typography and bright, bold colors. And to tie it all together, we added a little sweetness with a custom mascot that perfectly captured Quarter Muffin's fun, upbeat vibe.

Character Design

At Mr. White Creative, we believe that good things come in pairs - especially when it comes to mascots! That's why we created a dynamic duo that perfectly embodied the brand's values and personality. From playful and whimsical to bold and confident, our mascots were designed to be versatile and adaptable, helping to tell the brand's story in a variety of different contexts.

Website Design

After we nailed down the branding for Quarter Muffin, it was time to bring their website to life. We used Divi and WordPress to create a site that was as visually stunning as it was functional. With cool animations, bold colors, and slick characters, the site perfectly captured the brand's personality and helped them stand out in a crowded digital landscape. And to top it all off, we were thrilled to learn that the site won a Gold Davey Award!

Print Collateral

Our work with Quarter Muffin didn't stop with their website - we wanted to make sure that every touchpoint the brand had with customers reflected their fun, approachable personality. That's why we created a set of documents that extended their new look and feel into their marketing materials, helping to showcase the breadth of their services and expertise.

Gridline Pitch Deck Design

Wrapping up

Overall, our work with Quarter Muffin was an exciting and rewarding project that allowed us to flex our creative muscles and bring a fresh new look and feel to their brand. From creating a custom muffin character to designing a website that perfectly captured the brand's personality, we were able to showcase Quarter Muffin's expertise in the world of paid social and digital marketing. Winning a Gold Davey Award for the website was the icing on the cake - or should we say, the crumb on the muffin?

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